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"Absolutely amazing; I highly recommend this therapy and therapist. I experience Martin as down to earth, warm and caring with a non- judgemental attitude which allows a safe place to work on any issue that arises. I find explaining kinesiology difficult, but i suggest if you are suffering any emotional / physical problems or find it difficult to progress your life forward give Martin a call, you will not regret it."

Anne Ball, 2011.07.24

"Martin has brilliant skill and ability to be the catalyst to aid the body's own healing ability. He gets to the root cause and provides the safe environment to shift and heal all varieties of illness and problems."

Lucinda Bennett, 2011.06.16


"I cannot recommend Martin enough for any health problem. He has helped me with a variety of issues. I came to him for some physical problems - originally digestive in nature, but my entire body was very run down. I've been diagnosed with IBS, ME/CFS and have had fertility problems. However, seeing him for the past three and a half years has been life changing and has helped me to examine and change faulty thinking that was contributing to my problems as well as diet changes and environmental changes that have helped my problems to subside. It has helped me to understand myself so much better and to make better choices about priorities in life and life balance. My symptoms have improved and I feel this experience will benefit me long after my physical symptoms subside. He provides a very calm and safe environment to tackle long standing issues and is a great person.

Thankful, 2011.09.03


I initially started seeing Martin to treat Rosacea which I had suffered from since I was 17. I remember the day I read that this condition was 'incurable'. I fell apart and felt my life was stuck on pause. I am delighted to say that my life is now firmly on play.

I am more comfortable in my own 'skin' then I ever have been. After seeing Martin on a monthly basis for nearly 3 years now, I have dealt with so much mental, physical and emotional baggage which I would never have been able to reach if it wasn't for Martins expert skills and knowledge. I don't know how Kinesiology works and if I'm honest, I don’t care, all I know is it does! Seeing Martin is definitely a journey, but it’s a wonderful one which you won’t regret taking! Not only that....he's a lovely guy too.

Anita Hatch, 2011-06-24

Martin has helped with a variety of issues, providing physical, and emotional support through stressful times and helping improve my symptoms from ME/CFS and digestive imbalances. Through Martin I have learnt to apply simple practices to gain more energy, a better approach to life's ups and downs and illnesses. His knowledge and techniques are wide ranging allowing the integration of body and mind.


Trudy Williams 2014-05-14

Martin treated me for a range of problems; allergies- one of which was anaphalatic, migraines which were completely crippling and tiredness. The improvements I felt were immediate. My allergies disappeared, my weight dropped within 5 weeks but best of all I no longer have a headache let alone a migraine! I'm completely happy in my life, with energy and a general feeling of well being. Martin has changed my life enabling me to give up smoking and lose weight but best of all, I love my life! I used to take endless medication for every symptom from backache to neck pain. These just disappeared once Martin got hold of me. I cannot recommend him enough because he not only 'saved me' but is a really lovely man as well . 

Samantha Buller 2014-7-31

Since my teenage years I had suffered miserably with IBS.  Later on in my work and social life I was unable to go for lunches or suppers with friends as it would be so embarrassing for me.  The minute I ate, it would be a matter of racing to the nearest loo.  I would also experience so much pain and discomfort in my intestines, it would feel like they were being twisted.  I went for endless tests including barium meals, allergy reactions and a sigmoidoscopy but nothing could be found.  My doctor decided to put me on Codeine Phosphate and I took 8 per day in order to lead a 'normal' life.  After being on these for 12 years I wanted to stop and not rely on them.  I was given Martin's number by a friend so I made an appointment.  In just one session he advised me to avoid eating eggs, as my body just cannot deal with them and for the time being, lamb.  I used to have at least one egg a day for breakfast and roast lamb at least twice a month.  I also decided to stop the codeine, which had some unpleasant side effects which lasted for a couple of weeks, but as I had eliminated the eggs and lamb as Martin had suggested, I began to feel 'well' again.  That was back in 2005 and it was honestly like a miracle had happened for me.  Martin gave me back my health and well being and from that day to now, I lead a 'normal' happy and healthy life.  This, I have to say is completely down to Martin Lewis.  He has changed my life and I will be forever grateful to him.  He is simply amazing.

YT 2019-10-24

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