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If you are new to the concept of kinesiology, then here are a few pointers to help guide you. These questions have been asked by many of my clients before they came to see me. You may have many more, so feel free to e-mail me or phone for a chat. You can also access more information on the FAQ page.  

What Is It Exactly?

Kinesiology has been described as the most holistic of all the natural therapies, as it recognises the importance of mind, body and spirit in health and healing.

A kinesiologist utilises the ‘muscle test response’ as a tool of communication, to enable identification of energetic imbalances and correction of energies in the body. 


The International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice defines kinesiology as:

“a communication tool that enables a person to assess and upgrade their performance in all areas of their life".


Kinesiology is the science of energy balancing, and is grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology. Kinesiology uses muscles as monitors of stress to enable detection and correction of various imbalances that relate to illness, nutritional deficiencies, learning problems, minor injuries and other issues that people meet in their daily life.

How Does It Work?

Kinesiology is about identifying energetic imbalances and balancing energy flow within the body. It recognises that the flows of energy within the body not only relate to the muscles but to every tissue and organ that make the body a living, feeling being. These energy flows can be evaluated by testing the function of the muscles, which in turn reflect the body’s overall state of structural, chemical and emotional balance. 

If this energy flow is interrupted, as the result of injury, emotional trauma, nutritional imbalance, or other unresolved stress factor then the whole body is effected. In this way kinesiology taps into energies that the more conventional modalities overlook.

What Do You Actually Do?

Like acupuncture a kinesiologist is trained to balance meridian energies in the body to enhance health and wellbeing. Unlike acupuncture we do not use needles to balance these energies. The exact nature of blockage in the energy flow can be more closely identified by the 'muscle testing response'.

Acupressure, light touch, nutritional input and other simple correction skills are used to restore muscle balance, which has the effect of enhancing total body energy.

We focus our attention on the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of health, as this has a fundamental effect on how we function as human beings. 

If you would like to know more please see the following research: Anne Marie Jensen - THE ACCURACY AND PRECISION OF KINESIOLOGY-STYLE MANUAL MUSCLE TESTING, Wolfson College -University of Oxford

Can You Help With Anything?

The short answer is YES ABSOLUTELY!​


Kinesiology looks beyond symptoms and does not diagnose or treat named illnesses or disease. It is concerned with identifying and correcting imbalances in the body’s energies. 


In our paradigm all illness is created by an imbalance of energy in the first instance.


Similar to acupuncture our focus is to enhance the body's own ability to heal itself. 

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