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I was originally trained by John Logue, one of the most forward thinking practitioners of kinesiology in the UK, and have continued my training with some of the most highly respected kinesiology practitioners in the world today:- Dr Susan Eardley RK(UK), Dr Bruce Dewe NZRK, Joan Dewe NZRK, Denise Gurney RK (UK) and Chris Astill-Smith D.O. Dip I.C.A.K.


I have been practicing kinesiology full-time for 22 years and have a thriving practice at Natures Corner, 73 Northbrook St, Newbury, Berkshire. UK


I have previously taught Professional Kinesiology Practice at The British Kinesiology Centre, and more recently as part of the Complimentary Health Diploma at the Thames Valley University campus in Abingdon.


West Berkshire Kinesiology


The home of Applied Metaphysics

  Newbury, Berkshire UK                07968 740550
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