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Negative Energies can effect our health, our function and our life in many ways. Computers, TV's, Powerlines, ley lines, underground streams, transformers, microwaves and radio all transmit a field of energy, which can have a detrimental effect on our own energies, and leave us feeling drained, tired all of the time, and generally unwell. 


Clearing our houses and places of work can make a huge difference to our general wellbeing. If we feel well then we function at our optimum effectiveness. Putting in place a counterbalancing energy to negative stressful ones can work wonders to a persons health and wellness. 

pylons and power lines

Geopathic Stress Clearance


Geopathic stress can act on the body’s energy field and weaken the immune system. This can reduce the state of our health generally rather than causing any obvious clear-cut conditions. In the same way that lack of exercise, bad diet or using tobacco and other substances are ‘bad for us’, geopathic stress can trigger or worsen health issues. It also makes it more difficult for us to respond to orthodox medical treatment or to other complementary therapies. It can therefore open us up to serious conditions as well as complaints that are not exactly specific. These include any general aches and pains, headaches, neuralgia, constant tiredness, muscular/skeletal conditions and many other complaints, such as feeling generally stressed or impatient. Geopathic stress creates a particular problem for anyone sleeping over an affected area because it will disturb the natural healing power of sleep at the same time as the person is being exposed to the harmful geopathic stress in a concentrated way for a long unbroken period.​


candle meditation

Geo-spiritual Stress Balancing


Rather than the clearance of electromagnetic stress, this ​relates more to the feelings one gets when walking into a room, house or area where the hair on the back of their neck 'prickles'. They may feel uncomfortable, or 'just know' they have to leave the place. Geo-spiritual stress balancing is done in many forms. Feng Shui could be seen as a type of geo-spiritual stress balance. Other ways include: smudging, incense, crystal grids, prayer, affirmations, sound and chanting. 


As in geopathic stress this problem can create many health issues, not least a sense of foreboding or fear, which keeps people on high alert, and can create adrenal 'burnout' leading to extreme tiredness, apathy, depression and illness.  

shamanic energy clearing ritual

Negative Energy Field Clearance

This type of energy can feel like a 'dark cloud' or shadow over one's life. 

Although negative energy fields can effect a person directly, they can be relevant to houses and places. As with the problems highlighted above, clearing negative energies can be done in many different ways. 


The beauty of being able to utilise kinesiology to help this problem is that the clearance is done holistically, and in the 'highest good' of the energy concerned. In effect we are treating the energy as if we were healing a person, as to us there is no difference. 

If you feel that any of the above issues relate to you, but are not sure how to proceed call or e-mail me for a chat. 

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