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My Journey


In 1999 I literally 'fell over'! One morning I got out of bed and collapsed on to the floor. Although I did not lose conciousness I could not get up! Scared to death would be an understatement to how I felt at that time! Getting dressed and enabling myself to ring for a doctors appointment took every ounce of strength that I could muster. My symptoms at the time could be described as like being in a washing machine. Standing on my feet created a vertigo sensation that literally meant that I could not stand. Sitting down was OK, as was lying, but standing.........definately out of the question !!


The doctor's assessment was simple. "You are very stressed" he stated! "Your blood pressure is through the roof, so I am going to prescribe beta blockers". "You also need to take time off work and rest". Being none the wiser as to how this could have occured I accepted his assessment. 


I spent 12 weeks lying on the sofa! It makes you realise how boring daytime television is! Luckily I had a very understanding boss at the agency that I was working in at the time. However after 12 weeks off work he wanted to know what was happening. Understandable.        

I wanted to know the same, but I was realising that although the doctor could prescribe a drug to help, it was not going to answer some fundamental 'how did I get into this state' - and 'what could I do to make sure it wouldn't happen again'!


About this time my partner saw an advert in the local Reading Chronicle advertising a demonstration of kinesiology. When she told me about this I replied "what's that"! I had never heard of it! 


Intrigued she phoned and we arranged to go to the demonstration. It was being held by John Logue. During the evening he asked for volunteers to lay on his treatment couch (in front of a whole group of other interested people) and 'tested me' - as he put it. After a couple of minutes he said "you are in one hell of a state"! My initial thought was 'how did you know that?'


He prescribed various remedies - Bach Flower essences and Vitamin B Complex - which I duly bought - not really thinking that they would do any good. How wrong can you be!!


After a couple of days I began to feel different. I couldn't put my finger on what was happening, accept that I had more energy and my 'fuzzy head' felt much more clear. I rang John and asked for another appointment. I did not understand at the time what was happening, but I somehow 'knew' that I needed to see this man again. Somehow he knew what was wrong with me, and it was more than the doctor did!


After a couple of weekly sessions with John I was back at work. I was still feeling 'below par', but I was functioning better than I had for the previous 3 months at least! I was able to do my job, but John had made me realise that it was literally 'killing me'.

I decided to continue with this 'kinesiology', while I wondered what to do. After a further 10 sessions I made a huge leap. I gave in my notice at work! I realised I could no longer do the job without stressing myself to death. Although I had no job to go to I needed to do something else!


In the meantime I said to John "I want to know what you do that made me well - so I want you to train me". I knew he had training courses running, so it was a 'no brainer' for me to set out on this new career path. I always liked helping people, so it made perfect sense to learn a new 'tool' that would help others. 


And now here I am. All that was 15 years ago, but I will never forget it. Unfortunately John is no longer with us, but I will never forget him. Without his amazing gifts and skills I wouldn't be where I am today. Without kinesiology I probably would not be alive to write this text!


Martin Lewis 

10th May 2014


West Berkshire Kinesiology


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