This is a new service, that I am very pleased to be offering to valued clients, new and regular alike. 

Many of my regular clients have stated that they find attending the clinic difficult, especially when a crisis arises, and they are caught up in the process trying to unravel the knots. 

They have often asked, "can you please help me find out what is going on here, I'm at my wits end!" - or something similar. 

I have realised it is impractical, and sometimes impossible to book them into a clinic space at short notice. 

Hence the idea of offering a remote 'surrogate balance'. 

The process for this service is exactly the same as a standard kinesiological session in the clinic, however in this case you do not need to attend physically. I surrogate for you, check the situation you are having a problem with, compile the relevant information, and send you a feedback text or e-mail. 

If you are interested in this service then please text me on 07968 740550 or e-mail 

Payment can be made via BACS. I will text or e-mail you details of how to pay at the time of you agreeing to this process. 


I am confident that the reading will be useful to you, and will make sense at a subconscious level. You will have some 'homework' to do regarding the situation. Most often this is relatively straightforward and will be relevant to the information revealed. 

Obviously you DO NOT have to follow through with this process if you are at all unsure of the information that is revealed. 

Often it is best to meditate on this information before you decide to act. If you decide you are not able to action the homework at the time of the reading then it is best to DO NOTHING until you have understood the information correctly. Even then it is still YOUR CHOICE to action the homework or not.


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