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'Allergies', Food Intolerance and Nutritional Deficiency Testing

Allergic Reaction


Technically this is an 'Immune Mismatch Response', that is - the immune system over-reacts to something ( food / pollen / pet fur / house dust) due to an underlying issue.  

We can detect the offending substance and identify the underlying cause of the problem, so enabling the immune system to respond appropriately. 

Stomach Pain

Food 'Intolerance'

Bloating? Diarrhoea? Constipation? Belching? Flatulence?

Your gut may be telling you that you have a bacteria imbalance, gluten or lactose intolerance or maybe even parasitical infestation. We can determine whether any of these issues is the cause of your gut problem.  

Image by Vicky Nguyen

Nutritional Deficiency

Tired or Toxic?

If your body is deficient in vitamins or minerals then you may be either of these!


It's time to get a functional biochemistry assessment using our kinesiological testing procedure!

West Berkshire Kinesiology


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